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Introducing the perfect back and shoulder saving solution- Ergo PowerCart. This state-of-the-art electric powered cart eliminates the difficult and dangerous task of manually pushing and pulling heavy carts, trailers, equipment, and materials. Ergo PowerCart enables heavy, hard to move wheeled loads on surfaces such as carpet, asphalt, cracked flooring, tile, ramps, and sloped surfaces, to be maneuvered effortlessly. With the battery powered Ergo PowerCart, a single operator can easily delivery products and goods almost anywhere.


The Ergo PowerCart pays for itself! Major hospitals, laundry facilities, and universities have already established that eliminating one single injury can more than pay for several Ergo PowerCarts. Plant managers in key international industries have even proven electric carts, which enables one worker to safely handle goods and products with a non-fatiguing power unit, are more efficient and reliable than even the most sophisticated manual process.

Are your workers at risk of muskuloskeletal problems?
Low back pain resulting in costly medical expenses, time away from work, and overall inefficiency is commonly caused by the exerting force required to manually maneuver carts and hand trucks. The force intensity, distance traveled, handle height, and frequency and velocity of exertions are considered risk factors for muskuloskeletal problems in these common manual handling tasks. Ergonomists agree pushing applications including any elements greater than the forces below, put your employees at risk.

If your cart pushing application exceeds any of the following, the Ergo PowerCart can prevent costly injuries and increase productivity:

• Starting force is greater than 50 lbs of push force.
• Rolling force is greater than 40 lbs over 1 minute.
• Rolling force is greater than 25 lbs for more than 10 feet.
• If the force is greater than 7.5 lbs and sustained for more than 4 minutes (average walking speed is 3 mph, so 4 minutes is about 350 ft.)
• Emergency stopping forces is more than 80 lbs to bring the cart or truck to a stop with 3 feet when traveling 3 mph.
• Size of load on the cart is greater than 500 lbs.

Protect your employees from unnecessary injuries while increasing their overall efficiency.
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