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Trailer Puller:

The Trailer Puller is perfect for any heavy trailer that need maneuvering in tight, confine spaces where a vehicle is just too big and bulky to do the job. The unit has plenty of power to push or pull up to a 10,000 lb trailer, even up or down a slight incline. Many rental centers have used out Electric Trailer Mover for staging heavy rental trailers for customer use, or marinas where customers need something more maneuverable for preparing their boats before launching.

Electric Trailer Mover:

Our Trailer Puller is battery powered for controlled, quiet operations and include a variable speed handle bar forwards and backwards for smooth acceleration and de-acceleration. The unit comes with 3 deep cycle batteries for long run times and extended uses between charges. The Electric Trailer Mover includes a braking system that can hold trailers on inclines to prevent run away trailers and possible accidents. Great for indoor and out applications.


ergo powercartergo powercart lifting boxergo powercartergo powercartergo powercart