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Battery Powered Cart:

The Battery Powered Cart is a self-propelled electric truck for delivering supplies and equipment. This small, maneuverable cart increases productivity by delivering up to 6 hours of constant use without fatiguing and taking breaks, while decreasing injuries that are caused from manually pushing or pulling heavy non-powered carts. Its powerful motor and sturdy frame design can handle loads up to 1200 lbs on inclines up to 6ยบ while traveling over asphalt, gravel, snow, or carpet.

Battery Powered Cart:

Our unit has many different bed and shelf options for a variety of applications. Or buy the base Battery Powered Cart and customize it yourself. The dump hopper hauls loads up to 1000 lbs. and the three wheeled design (2 drive wheels and 1 caster wheel) make it sturdy on un-even surfaces and up inclines. Great for hotels, parts departments, office buildings, food and beverage distributors, linen services, universities, or even delivering supplies on a landscaping job.

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