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Electric Cart

Our Electric Cart combines exceptional maneuverability with great utility. There is no assembly required and the unit comes charged when you get it. Simply remove it form the pallet and you are ready to use it. Operations include turning the key switch and twisting the handlebars. The further you turn the handle bars, the faster the machine moves. When releasing the handlebars, the regenerative braking slows the unit down and the parking brake holds it on inclines.

Electric Cart

Larger, more aggressive tires allows a single user to navigate the Electric Cart over rough terrain, such as a long grass or gravel. Many customers also use our products in snowy and icy conditions. The fully sealed motor and transaxle system allows operations through water as well. Foam filled tires insures you will never have a flat tire. As a rule of thumb, if you cant walk it, our unit can drive it.

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ergo powercartergo powercartergo powercartergo powercartergo powercart