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Powered Cart
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Electric Cart
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Battery Powered Cart
ergo powercart
Trailer Puller
Electric Trailer Mover

The following links above demonstrate how our motorized cart and trailer pusher, although small in size, are large in power and performance.

The trailer mover is the smallest, most maneuverable electric cart available on the market, and its very affordable for the home users or small business. Our trailer mover is great for moving your fishing or equipment trailer from your driveway into those tight, confined spaces of your garage, or those hard to maneuver areas around the back of the house. Also, the beauty of the trailer pusher is it works up hills, over grass, and through snow.

Applications for our electric cart generally exist in environments where women and elderly employees make up most of the work force. The motorized cart enables these employees to easily handle the tasks of moving boxes and supplies that were left for an employee with more physical strength. This allows your workforce to be more productive and human resources to be less selective when hiring personnel for a position that may require some physical labor.

Click on image for a more pictures and a video of the unit in action.